Who we are-DG-World

The vast majority of our Education consultants have received their qualifications in the UK. Each member of our executive team has had professional experience in his or her respective field. We have an array of consultants with Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees, as well as other qualifications such as LPC, BPTC, MPhil, DBA and PhD.

Our staff members outside of the UK offices are well trained and highly experienced in dealing with the problems faced by international students. A majority of them have visited our UK field offices and the Institutions that we represent.

Each member of staff undertakes Self-Assessment/Evaluation Sessions, Attending Regular Workshops on improved Training Methods and Policy changes. These sessions enable our staff members to consistently revise their approach and thus improve their interaction with students, ensuring that every student receives the best advice possible

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We, as DG, aim to be a Global Leader in Overseas Education Consultancy by nurturing and guiding the young minds of today. We envisage a continuation of success stories where transparency and ethics coexist to guide our students to achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

Our Mission

Our mission at DG is to ensure that students with the utmost potential are given every opportunity to carve out their path towards success. We will accomplish this by maintaining our student-centric philosophy, tailoring our services to each individual student.