The Top 10 Most Demanding Jobs in the UK in 2022

The Most demanding job in the uk 2022


Undoubtedly, the UK is a place of opportunities and a blending pot of cultures. It has one of the strongest economies in the world and is home to thousands of Fortune 500 corporations as well as small and medium-sized businesses, which causes many job seekers to relocate to the UK in search of the most difficult positions. As a direct result, hiring managers and recruiters are continuously looking for skilled engineers, analysts, and managers.

This is only the proverbial top of the iceberg. There are numerous other in-demand jobs in this nation that are just waiting to be filled by citizens and immigrants from other countries. The ten most difficult jobs in the UK that you can start in 2022 are examined in this essay.

List of Most Demanding Jobs in the UK

Here is a list of the UK’s most difficult jobs. You must have a specific number of years of experience and the ability to comprehend your duties and carry them out in the most effective manner in order to be hired for any of these positions.

#1 Human Resources Director

Every business will have a human resources department in charge of hiring staff, handling conflicts, and handling employee complaints. The director of human resources oversees this division and is responsible for making sure that everyone in the company is happy with their work and supports the company’s culture. The director has the power to organize, create, and carry out business-wide human resources initiatives.

Entry criteria – Recruiters want professionals with at least ten years of experience in the HR department and strong managerial abilities.

Average Salary – Around £120,000. This is one of the highest paying jobs in the country.

#2 Software Engineer

The need for software engineers is enormous not only in the UK job market but also in other areas of the world. Software engineers are conquering the world. The demand for software engineers has always been on the rise due to the information technology sector’s rapid development. A software engineer’s job is to comprehend the client’s needs and then, using programming, create and develop a solution to meet those needs.

Entry Criteria – Employers search for candidates who have a degree in computer science, math, and fundamental conceptual understanding of programming.

Average Salary – Around £60,000 per annum.

#3 Business Analyst

Due to their strategic and management abilities, business analysts are an invaluable asset to any corporation. A business analyst serves as a liaison between clients and developers. They collect customer needs, turn them into a functional specification document, and then give it to the development team, who will then design the solution. Most business analysts work in the information technology industry.

Entry Criteria – Recruiters search for candidates that have strong writing, documentation, and decision-making skills. The majority of businesses also require a management degree.

Average Salary –  £42,000 per annum.

#4 Project Manager

As the name implies, a project manager must efficiently organize and carry out a project by delegating tasks to their team. They are the only ones with the authority to plan, design, carry out, and supervise a project from inception to conclusion. Only professionals having visas for skilled workers are taken into consideration for employment.

Entry criteria – Recruiters seek candidates with exemplary leadership traits, project management expertise, the capacity to coerce work from subordinates, and strategic aptitudes.

Average Salary –  Around £45,000 per annum.

#5 Store Manager

Your objective as a store manager is to increase sales while keeping expenses to a minimal. You’ll be in charge of a group of store managers who you must teach how to draw clients and close deals. You will be in charge of assigning different tasks to the staff. Additionally, you will be in charge of the inventory and ensure proper stock levels.

Entry Criteria – Recruiters look for people who can define a process and delegate the work.

Average Salary – Around £30,000 per annum

#6 Digital Marketing Consultant

The demand for technical occupations has risen dramatically as a result of technological improvements. A consultant in digital marketing is one such position. The discipline of digital marketing has flourished as a result of the rise of eCommerce and the fact that consumers spend the majority of their time online, and businesses are starting to run out of expertise. You will handle a variety of tasks as a consultant in the industry, such as generating leads for the business, constructing a website, producing SEO-optimized content, etc.

Entry Criteria – Graduates with a degree in business marketing are sought after by recruiters. You should be well-versed in the use of the internet, as well as possess the ability to manage digital content effectively.

Average Salary – Around £45,000 per annum.

#7 Operations Manager

Simply put, an operations manager is in charge of how the business operates as a whole. They serve as the organization’s strategic planning, designing, staffing, directing, and controlling entity.

Entry Criteria – Those with a post-graduate degree in operations management and excellent attention to detail are sought after by recruiters.

Average Salary – Around £50,000.

#8 Delivery Driver

Although being a delivery driver is one of the highest earning and in-demand careers in the UK, it may not be everyone’s dream job. A delivery driver is in charge of evaluating orders before delivery, sorting the parcels according to location, and providing customer service in addition to delivering goods to consumers on time.

Entry Criteria -Candidates with excellent communication skills, a professional driving license, and proficient driving abilities are preferred by employers.

Average salary – A fresher makes around £25,000 per year while those with experience earn around £40,000 per year.

#9 Accounts Manager

With thousands of financial organizations locating their headquarters there, London’s financial sector is regarded as one of the largest. As a result, the demand for account managers who are knowledgeable in managing business accounts, shares, assets, and other activities is constantly present. They are in charge of all cash flows and keep track of all customer transactions.

Entry Criteria – Recruiters want candidates with degrees in fields connected to finance who are bright young brains with keen attention to detail.

Average Salary – Around £35,000 per annum.

#10 Customer Assistant

Despite the lower pay compared to the other occupations on this list, this career offers many chances because you deal with all types of clients and provide services to them.

Entry Criteria – Recruiters look for highly technical product knowledge, the capacity to allay customers’ concerns, and proficiency in price negotiations.

Average Salary – Around £20,000 per annum.


The list of the toughest jobs in the UK in 2022 is now complete. There are numerous more similarly sought-after occupations including sales agents, content specialists, and nurses that are not included on this list, so it is by no means comprehensive.

Every job requires a minimum level of education, and the UK is home to several universities that provide a wide range of degree programs in each of these disciplines for overseas students.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are the mandatory requirements to work in the UK?

Ans. You must be a British citizen or have legal status as a permanent resident in order to work in the UK. For non-residents, your employment eligibility will be determined by your immigration status and possession of a current work permit.

Q2. What is the cost of living in the UK?

Ans. When compared to other nations like Canada and the US, the cost of living in the UK is often on the higher side. A person in London will need to budget £1000 a month for all of his other expenses in addition to rent. However, the compensation provided by many UK businesses will be adequate for surviving in this nation. The majority of businesses also offer good health insurance plans that can pay for your medical bills. Even some businesses provide accommodations for their staff.

Q3. What are the best places to work in the United Kingdom?

Ans. London will be the first location that comes to mind. London is a vibrant city with a diverse population of businesses. Additionally, it serves as a hub from which you may travel to any part of the UK. In addition, there are plenty of employment options in places like Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool, etc.