Expand your Partnership Portfolio by signing a contract with us. 

Act as independently or as a Consultant or Regional Representatives or Ambassadors of DG World in your country or city or University and recruit students for Institutes DG World has contracts with. Our special partnerships with associates mean students you recruit will be able to gain exclusive scholarships through the DG World. 

For all successful recruitments, you will receive a commission and your students will be able to gain exclusive scholarships if recruited through DG Study World.

All you need to do is refer the students to us by collecting and sending their documents to us – we will take care of the rest!
How does that sound?

Be an Ambassador:

Looking for an opportunity to become an Ambassador in your own Country or City or University?  

Want to earn some extra money with DG as an Ambassador with your own time scale? 

We offer a comprehensive Consultancy Services and Training and maintain regular email correspondences with updates, new rules, and business information. 

We can offer you massive opportunities:
  • Any query made from you by email, text, or Skype will be replied to within 24 hours.
  • We also send you our affiliated institutions’ entire business brochure, either hard copy or digitally, depending upon your preference
  • We will arrange spot admissions for institutions where Institutions representatives will be present.
  • We can also assist your required student applications and help your students to be accepted into their chosen institutions.  
  • We will give you the platform to do marketing and recruiting clients in your region.
  • We may also offer you marketing profits, we offer a two-way profit, but profit should be negotiable depending on business.
We Also:
  1. Send you our affiliated Institutions’ entire business brochure, either hard copy or digitally, depending upon your preference.
  2. Assist your recruited client as our clients.
  3. Help your students until they are accepted into their chosen Institutions.
  4. Provide you with our business card with an official email.
  5. Allocate a desk for you in our office where you can work for your client.
  6. Arrange training sessions for you.
  • We offer a two-way profit, but profit should be negotiable depending on business.
  • Commission is based on a per-client basis.

If you are interested, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at [email protected] 

What our Partners Say

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